Korki Game - helps you to exercise your spine through a game, in which you fly overseas in a world full of wonders using virtual reality that makes you forgets the pain and increases your movement

  • Play and Heal

    A game that makes boring exercises more joyful and distract the patients from their pain.

  • Accessibility

    You can exercise anywhere, at home or in your office.

  • Reporting & Monitoring

    Reminder about next exercises and monitor the progress.

  • VR Technology

    Using a Virtual Reality Technology.

  • Multilanguage

    Built in Arabic language and cater for those who are living in Saudi Arabia or neighboring countries.

  • Scientific Research

    The exercise in the game is developed and designed based on scientific research



An innovate clinically approved VR solutions with cost-effective and high-performance virtual reality games.


It uses immersive VR technology to place patients into virtual gaming environment.


Through the game they are guided with clinician prescribe therapeutic exercises.